• A successful business addresses a market need that is unmet, over-, or underserved, with a solution that costs less than the user assigns value to it
  • Successful business is about providing solutions then — not (necessarily) technologies. Nonetheless, there is growing number of businesses (starting up and established) that market their offering with “AI” — a technology at best, not a solution
  • We think the AI term is overused and we ourselves avoid using it for our own business mainly for two reasons:
    1) the definition and meaning of it are far from clear & agreed upon, nobody…


  • News companies have historically been focusing their revenue strategies on content or audience monetization
  • While the ad revenue path has been troubled lately, the revival of subscriptions alone is not going to cut it for most publishers
  • A vast number of other revenue sources have been explored to complement subscriptions and advertising revenues
  • In future, another component will have to play a larger role: services, based on trust. Services in the area of navigation, personalization, and verification.
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What are news media companies selling? And also, what should they be selling, now and in future? Historically, for many news media…

Confirmation bias — the tendency to discredit non-confirmative evidence, or to seek out (actively or subconsciously) primarily confirming evidence — is part of all of us.

When trying to write in an accessible manner about confirmation bias, it is difficult to produce a better piece of content, than what Shane Parrish & the Farnam Street team produced here. This is simply an amazing write-up about the science, origins, and implications of confirmation bias. I therefore invite you to now take a break and only continue reading here below, once you are done.

Confirmation bias, in one diagram

After reading the Farnam Street article, I hope…

When approaching a market from the outside, a lot of effort has to go into understanding the relevant players and people of the field. This takes time and is a steep effort. But it is the only way to understand how your customers think, what their struggles and ambitions are. Only once you know that, you can a) build solutions that are tailored to their needs (expressed and latent) and b) appeal emotionally to the inner drivers of the target audience — which is essential in the later sales process. To gain exactly such an understanding, user interviews are essential…


  • Currently in Germany, but before prominently in Austria and Switzerland, plus other countries, the funding of public broadcasting is questioned
  • Trust in media is eroding all over, and public broadcasting outlets are not exempt from this trend
  • A proposed solution foresees a change in role of public broadcasters, reducing their content production efforts, while increasing their content curation efforts

(this article, upon request, also appeared in DE on Publikum)

cc Jan Huber via Unsplash

Relative to the population, Germany currently has the most expensive public broadcasting organization (EUR 8 bn/y). Main public broadcasting outlets are ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio, Deutsche Welle, and further regional organizations…

TL;DR — for the busy ones:

  • Through our products at Varia, we are offering Perspectives as a Service, by that we mean providing different points of view, different context on any same topic.
  • All issues have two or many more perspectives to them. Our world is not one-dimensional and not as polarized as parts of media or politics make you believe.
  • You should consider everything a perspective, even your own way to see things is based on your mental model of reality — which, as everybody else’s, should be challenged regularly.

Whenever we talk about Varia and our solutions for…

Georg Horn

Co-Founder & CEO @ Varia

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